Defibox, The Next Black Horse in Cryptocurrency?

Big Mac
6 min readMay 12, 2021

We are now in a world surrounded by animals, Doge, Shib, pig, etc. Every astonishing story shock us: becoming a millionaire over one night. There is something forgotten here, not sure if anyone still interested in “Next Potential Hundred fold”, here Defibox counts as one.

The first time I met Defibox, I was attracted by its introduction: Defibox is a one-stop DeFi application platform with 3 basic functions: Swap + Stablecon + Lending

This immediately reminds me that 3 great protocols in ETH: Uniswap + MakerDAO + AAVE. THe max supply is 5 million BOX, the current price is 30 USD per BOX. Including the buy back & burn, the market value of it is around 150 million USD. As far as I can recall, the market value of Uniswap alone is at billion level. The gap is enormous.

Will Defibox market value = Uniswap + MakerDAO + AAVE?

Will Defibox be the next Black horse?

Will his market value increases by 100 times?

Will your investment of 10,000 USD makes you a millionaire?

If you are interested in, please go to their website and share your opinion:

For me, I want to know the answer as well, I only see possibility, but can’t make sure. Still I would like to share this good product to the public, let the outsiders and observers see it in a more objective view. That would really help me investment decisions.

Defibox in EOS

The total asset in Defibox has reached 224 million USD. Considering the eco-system of EOS, it is quite a big amount. And it is very promising to its component. The swap liquidity is 143 million USD; EOS staked in USN is 28 million USD; Lending reached 52 million USD; all this makes up a total of 224 million USD locked-up.

BSS -> Box Saving System, locks up 500,000 + BOX (worth of 15 million USD) as a long-term term saving. Most of them are locked up to 360 days. It means quite some BOX holders are very optimistic about Defibox long-term development.


The swap in Defibox is actually quite similar to Uniswap where users provide liquidity for earning transaction fees. As we can see, the EOS+USDT pool has attracted 72 million USD asset there and it is the biggest swap pool takes up 94% in EOS

The second biggest pool is EOS+BOX, which is also quite enormous, which worth up 36 million USD. Currently, they have 73 PBTC in Defibox Swap, which is not large. However with the Bullish Exchange opening in the future, this would definitely brings large amout of valuable asset from outsider world to EOS, and eventually to Defibox.

Defibox is becoming a platform like BNB, where lots of trade pair came for the “miracle of fortune”, where you can farm 10,000% APY while bearing high risk. It is homeland for adventurers. This brings huge amount of trade volume.


“USN is a decentralized staking stable coin project based on EOS, which supports users to stake EOS to generate stable coin USN (The goal is to anchor the dollar price).Through the risk control mechanism of excess staking and liquidation, the system effectively avoids market fluctuations and ensures that there are sufficient staking items to provide value support for each USN.”

The USN in Defibox is the second largest stablecoin in EOS besides the well-know “USDT”. And it has the potential to be the №1 in EOS as well as cross-chain to compete in BSC, Heco, and OKexchain. The USN mechanism is similar to MakerDAO where you stake your valuable asset and generate USN.

Currently, the USN generated is around 8 million USD, and with the multi-collateral support, the amount of USN generated will be a higher level. And the interest income belongs to Defibox protocol which will be used for burn.

Tips: what’s the use of this USN system? It is a tool for long. E.g. you believe EOS price will go up and not willing to sell EOS, you can stake your EOS to generate USN to buy more EOS. It is a process of long leveraging.

Exchange rate: The exchange rate is the soul of stablecoin. The consensus for it really matters. Defibox seems doing a good job: 166 days, with over 95% time totally pegged.


Since the official launch of Defibox Lending, its scale has surpassed Pizza 52 Million VS 37 Million. Pizza is known as one of the 4 EOS dragons, specializing in lending protocol. For now, with the mining reward, your mining APY of some tokens can fully cover your borrow cost, or even earn some money. It is equal to “borrow money with 0 interest fees + reward”!

There are some play for this:

Dual mining:

1. Deposit Your tokens, earn interest income + deposit mining

2. Deposit your Swap LP into lending , earn deposit mining

Triple mining:

1. Deposit your Swap LP into lending , earn deposit mining

2. Use your deposit LP as collateral and borrow tokens

3. Use your borrowed tokens for LP, earn LP mining and get LP

The circulation will go like this: 1 →2 →3 →1…

The APY is really attracting:

The Burn

With only 5 million supply, the burn mechanism is running for one month and it burned 0.2% of total supply already. According to the calculation, it will burn up to 10% of total supply each year. Will Defibox be on the way like BNB? Burning up and price surging up? Let’s wait and see.

Defibox Roadmap of 2021

Multi-chain: We would probably see Defibox presence in BNS, OKexchain or Heco this year. Not sure which protocol will be landing on outside world, but it is definitely a good idea to have a broader presence.

Single-side Liquidity Provider: As far as I know, there is a famous banker protocol in ETH. Defibox might adapt this protocol.

Decentralized Votes for Nod:

BOX token holder participate on EOS autonomy, earning block rewards. This might reveal the ambition of Defibox to be a BP? That would be very interesting.

And more to come…


This bull market might still go on, or even enter into a so called “Eternal Bull Market”. We are definitely at some stage with crazy zoo animals crowding us. But I think Defibox worth attention. It might like Uniswap + MakerDAO + AAVE, making steady steps in the long run. If you are interested in, please go to their website and share your opinion:

*The above information is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Please be cautious about risk.

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